Kazan State Technical University

  • القسم :Preparatory-Engineering

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This university is the pioneer in its field at the national and international level. Its academic system depends on the intensive, practical and theoretical scientific training in the various specializations available.

The university building is characterized by its comfortable and huge structure, which contains libraries, classrooms, and special lounges for rest.

The classrooms are equipped with the facilities needed for theoretical study, while the laboratories are fully equipped with advanced technologies.

 It contains the Internet in all its buildings, even in university housing.

The university consists of 8 buildings. It has 6 student residences and hostels. The sports complex includes 5 well-equipped closed gyms. The university also owns a sports camp in a wonderful location on the Volga River, 40 km from Kazan.

 As university housing is located in close proximity to the campus for easy access for students to the university because the basis for success in science is full attendance. The residence is characterized by spacious, clean rooms with an environment suitable for study and comfort, with a capacity of 2 - 3 students equipped with the full facilities necessary for life, on each floor a common laundry place with your comrades on the same floor.

Today the University is one of the leading Russian institutions in aircraft engineering, engine and instrument production, computer science and telecommunications and engineering. KSTU is the largest technical university in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Volga region.

The number of its students is 25,000 male and female students studying in 65 specializations such as engineering, business administration, humanities and other various specializations, by a faculty of 1,800 people including 156 professors and PhDs and 600 assistant professors and doctoral degree holders.

Some colleges are available:

- College of Aviation, Land Automotive and Energetics
- College of Automation and Electronic, Automation and Control Machinery, Aviation Electronics and Engineering Devices College of Control and Informatics
- College of Radio, Engineering and Communications
- College of Engineering and Economics
- Social Technology College
- Physics and Mathematics
- College of Business and Modern Technologies


Aviation Engineering College, Automotive
It includes the following sections:
  - Automotive engines and services
  - Air and water leakage are vital
  - Aircraft Design and Construction
  - Materials Engineering, Welding and Industrial Safety
  - Engineering machinery and engineering drawings Aircraft and Production
  - Strength of Materials
  - Jet engines and power systems
  - Thermal and Energy Engineering
  - Technology machines and production organization

Faculty of automation and electronic making machines
It includes the following sections:
  - Systems measurement tools, information and systems Electronic Optics
  - Electrical equipment
  - Automation and control
  - Standardization, Certificate and Management of Industrial Technology, Environment and Safety
  - General chemistry and ecology

Technical Cybernetics and Informatics
It includes the following sections:

  - Technical design information of computing machines
  - Control and dynamic operation
  - Security of information systems
  - Applied and Informatics Mathematics

  - Computer Systems
  - Automated systems and information and control systems address

College of Engineering and Communications
It includes the following sections:
  - Electronic radio, information and measurement technology
  Nanotechnology in Electronics
  Design and manufacture of electronic equipment
  - Radio and electronic communication systems
  - TV and multimedia systems
  - Radio and electronic sleeve tools
  Special techniques in the field of education

College of Physics and Mathematics
It includes the following sections:
  - General physics
  - Higher Mathematics
  - Technical Physics
  - Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Theory
  - Special mathematics
  - Laser technologies

College of Economics, Administration and Social Technologies
It includes the following sections:
  - foreign languages
  - History and Public Relations
  - Political, administrative and social sciences
  - Philosophy
  - Athletics and Sports
  - Economics and Business Administration
  - Economic Law
  - Russian and Tatar (languages)
  - Economic theory
  - Engineering Psychology and pedagogy