Belgorod State Technical University named after Shukhov

  • القسم :Preparatory-Engineering

الوصف :

One of the most important technological universities in Europe, the industry leader in various basic and applied research, provides full training in various fields of technical technology. More than 60 percent of the world's leading specialists and heads of large companies in the construction field are graduates of the Belgord State Technical University.

The university campus is a modern one that contains all the laboratories fully equipped with advanced experimental facilities and all halls contain projectors, there is a special section for production and research, a huge technical library the student's ability to access any information, and the internet covers the entire university building.

 University housing is located near the campus because the student has easily reached his lectures because attendance is one of the most important factors for success in the university, every room where 3-2 students live, and every floor has a room for rest and enjoyment.

There are restaurants, recreation centers, art centers, sports and fitness halls and a swimming pool.

Classification: It has the first rank in Russia according to the Russian Ministry of Education and Education, is the leader in the country according to DELOVAIA RUSSIA. She obtained the Brecan accreditation for engineering through an agreement with the Moscow State Technical University of Engineering, which allowed her to establish a UNESCO branch of the Department of Technology for a Clean Environment.

Currently more than 25,000 male and female students are studying in 32 foreign countries, in which there are 5 thesis boards, 3 doctoral councils, more than 400 male and PhD graduate students studying in 26 fields of specialization. It contains 150 senior professors and doctors, 47 academics, more than 400 science candidates and more than 30 recipients of honorary titles.

 Some colleges are available:

College of Architecture and Building Engineering

 College of Building Materials Science

 College of Technological Technologies via distance learning - College of Environmental Engineering, Accounting

Faculty of Economics and Administration

College of Information Technology and Operating Systems

 College of Mechanical Equipment

The fire of the college road is fast

Automated Building College

College of Energy Engineering.

Some specialties:

-electrical engineering

-electronic Engineering

Electromechanical Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

-Mechanical engineering

-civil engineering


Gas engineering

-Petrol Engineering



Biomedical engineering

Mining Engineering



- Land planning and management

Computer Engineering

- Computer science - Computer systems and networks

-Information Technology

Information Technology Engineering

Software Engineering and Computer Supplies


-Communications Engineering