Documents required to apply to Russian universities

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  • Published at : 2020-08-18 18:05:27

Description :

Applicants to study the Russian language (preparatory year)

1- Passport (Scanner)
2- High school diploma or equivalent (

Applicants to study the academic year (medicine and Engineering, Science and other majors)

For the initial application for obtaining admission to the University needs to:
1- Passport (Scanner)
2- High School Certificate (Scanner)

3- A visa for the preparatory year (badfak) for students residing in Russian
4- Translation of the passport and secondary school certificate

For the final submission and preparation for the start of the school year, we need:
1- The original and translated passport
2- The original and translated secondary school certificate
3- Certificate equation

Postgraduate students (Master, PhD)

1- The passport
2- Bachelor's degree with degrees - this is for (Master's) applicants
3- Master's degree - this is for (PhD) applicants
4- Wall Certificate (Masters - PhD)
5- Certificate Equivalence + Translation (for passport + document)

NOTICE : Atlas Grant Company can equate and translate the passport and the document for you if you wish, but the condition must be high school diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree in which there is a stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs belonging to your country