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Our Mission

Our main mission in this company is to provide all the necessary assistance to students during their studies, and we are keen to provide the appropriate environment for living and studying, providing all facilitation services, and providing a helping hand to all those wishing to study in the Russian Federation.

Our Plan

Our plan includes gaining the confidence of all students and credibility in helping them in terms of the annual expansion of the company, concluding new contracts, and providing more options in terms of the number of universities and required specializations so that students can find the optimal university or specialty.

Our Vision

Our future vision includes reaching all Arab countries and expanding all over the world by opening new horizons in terms of study and other fields and helping students to find job opportunities and get the right job for them.

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We provide the Russian language and the Russian language preparatory to the specialization and study the terms of reference in Russian and English


One of the services that is the company offer is reception student from the airport

University Admission

The Company Offer University Admission for the Student in the University of his choice

Registration at The University

The Company will register the student in the university and complete the paperwork


Translation of documents for urgent and non-urgent students and the equivalence of the certificate for the Russian language

Medical analysis

Complete all necessary medical tests for students upon their arrival at the University










Our Universities

  • All
  • Preparatory Year
  • Medical
  • Engineering

جامعة بيلغورود الحكومية التقنية باسم شوخوف

السنة التحضيرية و الاختصاص الهندسي

جامعة فورونيج الحكومية للتكنولوجيا و تقانة الغابات

السنة التحضيرية و الاختصاص الهندسي

جامعة كازان الحكومية التقنية

السنة التحضيرية و الاختصاص الهندسي

جامعة ريزان التقنية الحكومية

السنة التحضيرية و الاختصاص الهندسي

جامعة كازان الحكومية الطبية

السنة التحضيرية و الاختصاص الطبي

جامعة ليبوجيفسكي نجني نوفغورود

السنة التحضيرية و الاختصاص الطبي




All new news about the company, offers and new universities


Everything new from various news and useful articles


News of the company’s students, their achievements and creativity


All new about the tourist cities and their most important features and information about them


  • Choose the university and the major you want to study (universities and specialisations are in the special section of the site).
  • contact the company through the e-mail on the site to send documents.

  • Scanner Passport with a validity period of more than a year and a half, scanner the original certificate

  • Passport with visa for studies
  • Original document of higher secondary school education
  • Original document and passport translated into Russian language
  • 20 photos (3x4 cm. size)

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For Companies : Atlasgrant2017@gmail.com

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